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Feedrate – 440g per day – 4 measures twice daily. 12.5kg will last 28 days fed at 440g per day



Instructions for use – Mix in with contents of the regular bucket feed. Feed on a daily basis to all horses and ponies including youngstock, breeding and performance horses .

Crude Protein          18%

Oil                             18%

Crude Fibre              4%

Ash                            4%

Composition – Fully stabilised Pinhead Groats (Avena sativa), Heat treated steam extruded whole ground soybeans, Candlewick Oil – Verbascum thapsus flowers (Candlewick) & Curcumin (Extract from Curcuma longa) double infused in Helianthus annuus oil (Sunflower), Natural tocopherols (Vitamin E) from Wheat Germ, GOLDEN OIL Calendula (Marigold flowers), Curcuma longa extract (Curcumin) cold infused in Helianthus annuus oil (Sunflower), TPGS (d-alpha-tocopherol polyethylene glycol succinate), d-alpha-tocopherol, mixed tocopherols

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12.5-25 Kg

12.5 Kg, 25 Kg


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