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Feedrate – Three coffee mugfuls per day.  12.5 KG will last 23 days fed at 540g per day
A 300ml coffee mug contains approx 180g




Instructions for use – Mix in with contents of the regular bucket feed. Feed on a daily basis to all horses and ponies including youngstock, breeding and performance horses .

Provides additional calories, intracellular oil and amino acids for an increase in muscle, condition, good haircoat and general well-being and to help withstand the rigours of competition whilst not upsetting digestion or changing temperament.

Ash 9%
C Protein 34%
Oil 17%
C Fibre 5%
Sodium 0.22%
0.075 x 109CFU/g. Enterococcus faecium M74 (NCIMB 11181, EC no 15).
0.075 x 109 CFU/g. Live Saccharomyces cerevisiae EC no R404

Composition – Steamed cooked extruded whole ground extruded soybeans, Calcium carbonate, Calcined magnesite, Live Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Youdan Selected Microcell Strain), Salt, Curcuma longa extract, Enterococcus faecium M74 Probiotic

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
12.5-25 Kg

12.5 Kg, 25 Kg


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