Stable C


A high absorption persistency source of vitamin c & flavonoids for equines.



One of Trinity Consultants most versatile and important formulae. Stable C is a very stable source of vitamin C with six times higher absorption persistency than ascorbic acid. vitamin C is an important vitamin to support the immunity and health of the horse. It is integral in the formation of fresh new cell tissue and membranes and in cellular energy.

Instruction for use – Mix in with contents of the regular bucket feed to all horses and ponies including breeding stock and may be fed to horses competing under rules.


Calendula flowers infused in Polyethoxylated ascorbic acid ( Protected Liquid Vit C registered as E300 antioxidant). Protected Vitamin C 100,000 mg/Lt.

Feed rate

25 ml per day = 2500mg of Stable vitamin C. Feedrate – 25ml per day – 12.5 ml twice daily. Measure – Squeeze up into the calibrated upper chamber of the bottle and pour.

Feed STABLE C at approximately 25ml per day to provide exogenous Vitamin C with Flavonoids present as in nature when necessary, 25ml of STABLE C is equivalent to about 50 fresh oranges per day.


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