Selene Regan

I thought you might like to see this picture of Euro who now seems to be thriving thanks to all your support and help. Not bad for a pony the vets thought wouldn’t be with us any more by now!
Thanks for keeping the faith 🙂

Natalie Kitchener

Thank you Trinity Consultants,
See the picture i’ve sent you of Hayde storming around the countryside at the BE Intro competition. EquiNourish have helped his hooves tremendously 🙂

M Watson

The combination of complimentary feed supplements and additives for my mare had an immediate impact and now she has gone from strength to strength. Thank you very much. She’s 31 this year and looking fitter than ever!

S Caunce

Thank you for all your help you were amazing, amazing, amazing!

Kris Mannaerts

Kris Mannaerts owner and driver from Antwerp. Kris feeds his driving ponies on Formulations by Trinity Consultants and made by Triple Crown Belgium.


My pony had very tender feet even with shoes and pads, 3 months ago we removed the shoes and using boots and pads began to transition him, feeding EquiNourish and TPGS. He is now sound barefoot. This was expected to take 6-12 months! Fabulous stuff and please can I order 2 more Nourish and 1 TPGS (the usual!) thank you x

P Shepherd

The VN12 has worked wonders for Conker especially during the recent move. What a different horse from the last time he moved, he settled in much quicker and more chilled than I thought he would be. Thank you

K Davies

I just wanted to say that formula for Huzar worked a treat he was amazing this weekend for my lessons and really back on form!

M Cobden

I would like to thank you for your continued support with my pony, he is calming down nicely I am now considering taking him to his first competition at the end of the month!!

E Roberts

As always, thank you for your time and advice for my horses. Thank you very much

Mossburn Community Farm

We have been rescuing misused, abused and unwanted animals for over twenty years, we have been using Trinity Consultants products for seven of those years and wonder how we managed before we were introduced to them!

T Bricka

KD is now a very happy horse who loves his life and jumping with a lot of help from Trinity Consultants’ supplements .

C Newman

I Love Stride B, my veteran, Continental, has been on it throughout the autumn/winter and floats round his paddock in trot like a 2 year old – what a revelation! I am hoping Trinity Consultants can help me with my wayward, super spooky mares now!

J Crofts

I feed Trinity Consultants’ products to my event horses, we couldn’t compete to the levels that we have to without their wonderful formulas and help!

S Burns

I could see what a difference EquiNourish made to my pony in a matter of days.

J Gould

I have never see medallions appear on my horse like EquiNourish certainly makes head turn.

J Crofts

I have always fed well but we have never had such wonderful dappling on our horses’ coats they look a picture thanks to EquiNourish .

P Toft

Everyone looks when I bring him out of the lorry the EquiNourish makes him stand out .

D Evans

The health and attitude of Sam is so much better on EquiNourish. Thank you very much .

A Mitchell

The improvement in general health and presence on my 20 year old gelding since I’ve been feeding EquiNourish has been most marked every one has commented.

J Hart

I don’t know why I started feeding EquiNourish, as I’m the world’s biggest sceptic but I’m really glad I have .

B Fitzgerald

With EquiNourish I feel I’m helping him stay in good health without overloading him. He certainly seems to benefit from his 50ml a day .