When trying to relieve the suffering caused by Laminitis

April 5, 2015 - 1 minute read

The longer the suffering, the longer the relief and that is no truer when trying to relieve the suffering caused by Laminitis. That is why of all the formulae we make up the greatest urgency is given to getting L94 and Setback Salts to horse owners as soon as possible.

This week a client rang to say that her pony was so much better after just three days on the course but the pony had only gone down with Laminitis in the last fortnight, if that had been much longer we would have had to wait much longer for improvement. Similar timing is experienced with humans and livestock suffering from Gout, do something about it quickly and although you think the agonising pain will never go by the third or fourth day it will be appreciably better however if nothing is done due to neglect or the wrong treatment the condition will drag on and on developing as it goes more secondary problems.

Now of course we do not always know how close a mal-condition is to being the primary and not just a further problem due to the manifestations of other not so prevalent dis-orders, nothing is straight forward. All we can say is your first cost is usually your least cost so on that score do not wait it can never do any harm.