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Our ethos is ‘We’re here when you need us

Trinity Consultants is a family run business now represented by three generations advising on and manufacturing complementary feeds for horse and pony owners, trainers, therapists and all those connected in the Equine world.

Trinity Consultants was established in October 1998 by Roger Hatch and Will Headdon.

The founders

Roger Hatch was a lifelong nutritionist and livestock advisor who envisioned the providing of bespoke nutritional services for horses and ponies throughout the equine world. He was originally with R. Silcock & Sons of Liverpool, a Unilever owned company; before joining a farm feed manufacturers Bartholomews of Chichester as their Nutritionist, rising to the position of Feeds Director.

To learn more, Roger spent time with the forward-looking Triple ‘F’ Feeds, a livestock company of Des Moines, Iowa USA, helping to install their dry extrusion process used for the manufacture of feeds for horses and taking on board the notable advice of their eminent Horse Nutritionist Mr Rod Hatcher. It was this collaboration which led to Roger’s avid interest in using more herbs for horses.

He pursued his interest with trips to India to understand Ayurveda and many of the herbs that were used successfully for horses in the days of the British Army in India. With the help of English livestock advisor and nutritionist Dr Joe Youdan who still advises the company and others, Roger Hatch and Bartholomews formed Triple Crown Horse Feeds.

This company became part of British Petroleum at the time when it owned the largest number of animal feed companies worldwide including U S feed giants Purina, that were also pioneering new ideas in making feeds and nutritional supplements for pleasure and performance horses in the US.

Several years later due to the “Oil Crisis”, BP decided to sell all non-oil companies and Triple Crown was sold to a Veterinary owned feed company in Germany which Roger Hatch ran till he decided to leave and team up with Will Headdon, who had been the Triple Crown agent in the Channel Islands and was himself a Master Horseman. Together they formed Trinity Consultants, named after the district in Jersey where Will Headdon lived and the location of “The Durrell”, the world-famous wildlife and zoological centre. Unfortunately, in 2006 Will Headdon sadly passed away and his youngest daughter Philippa stepped in to help run things for a time.

Roger’s oldest son Simon Hatch joined the company and worked closely with his father in running the business since 2013.

Simon had previously been Livestock Manager for the Duke of Norfolk on the Arundel Estate and for a large estate in Hampshire and also spent time with Triple ‘F’ in Des Moines. It is Simon that clients now speak to when phoning and emailing Trinity Consultants.

They may also speak to Jean Hatch, Roger’s wife in charge of accounts, and daughter-in-law Jo Hatch, previously an Environment Consultant and Government Compliance Officer, who helps run the office.

Granddaughter Jessica Hatch, a Post Graduate in Animal Care, also works in the company. Absolutely invaluable is Roger’s daughter-in-law Rebecca Hatch who with very experienced Hayley Slater, (this time no relation!), heads the increasingly busy manufacturing side of the company.

Here to help

Everyone is very proud of Trinity’s complementary feeds such as Equinourish, our extruded conditioners Goldenmeal and Cavena, our five super Horse feeding oils and our famous brands L94, H29 and Rexflo. Trinity also helps on other fronts including worm counts, forage analysis and special help whenever necessary by manufacturing bespoke formulae prepared for the individual horses and ponies following discussion with clients.

“Each person working for Trinity has a special role and is a vital cog in the workings of the business.”

Here when you need us

From humble beginnings, Trinity has grown into a substantial complimentary horse feed company which is relied upon by both the single owner to help with their much-loved horse or pony to international professionals.

It is about being able to help at all levels that we are most proud and gain so much satisfaction from being able to respond to either phone or email queries without charge for consultation and when necessary preparing a vital part of the animal’s diet to contribute to its health and fitness.

Finally, we are proud of the fact we go back quite away with a great many clients who over the years have become good friends, just as we are pleased to try to help those contacting us for the very first time.

At all times, we endeavour to deliver a caring service with the ethos of ‘we’re here when you need us’ to ensure that equine nutrition and bespoke feed formulation is provided to the highest quality standards with understanding and compassion for the horses & ponies needing our help.

Always here to try and help – Trinity Consultants