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Our client’s top 5 benefits for feeding EquiNourish

EquiNourish contains more than 60 natural organic micro-nutrients, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, alginates, enzymes, trace and rare earth elements which have a catalytic effect making nutritional shortfalls a thing of the past.

  • Ensures a natural, organic, balanced addition to any equine diet
  • Strong, flexible hooves – encouraging good growth
  • Haircoat & well-being shine with life force
  • Consistent remineralisation of the entire equine body
  • Makes up for deficiencies in the modern equine diet

What is EquiNourish?

The sea contains an astonishing array of nutrients – only in recent years has science discovered a way to unlock these nutrients and present them in a convenient liquid form.

Use EquiNourish’s unique formula to balance any nutrient inadequacies present in most modern horses’ diets or to back up poor forage or as a convalescent – there are no insufficiencies in the sea.

  • A unique all-natural multi-purpose complementary liquid feed balancer
  • Suitable for all horses and ponies, including breeding and performance horses
  • Hooves are flexible, strong and re-mineralised each day
  • Hair-coats shine for an outstanding appearance
  • Makes up deficiencies in the modern equine diet
  • Maintains Magnesium & Potassium levels daily
  • Helps to maintain long-lasting health
  • Natural safe support for gastric function
  • Encourages ‘well-being’ when fed regularly
  • Palatable even to fussy feeders

EquiNourish LE (Lecithin Enhanced) Powder

Feed Equinourish LE at 3 measures per day

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EquiNourish Powder

Feedrate – 90g per day – 5 spoonfuls per day

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Feedrate – 100ml per day – 50ml twice daily

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