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Our client’s top 5 benefits for feeding EquiNourish:

Ensures a natural, organic, balanced addition to any equine diet

Strong, flexible hooves – encouraging good growth

Haircoat & well-being shine with life force

Consistent remineralisation of the entire equine body

Makes up for deficiencies in the modern equine diet

WHAT IS EquiNourish?

The sea contains an astonishing array of nutrients – only in recent years has science discovered a way to unlock these nutrients and present them in a convenient liquid form.

Use EquiNourish’s unique formula to balance any nutrient inadequacies present in most modern horses’ diets or to back up poor forage or as a convalescent – there are no insufficiencies in the sea.

A unique all-natural multi-purpose complementary liquid feed balancer
Suitable for all horses and ponies, including breeding and performance horses
Makes up deficiencies in the modern equine diet
Maintains Magnesium & Potassium levels daily
Ameliorates temperament and behavioural issues
Helps to maintain long-lasting health and to build up the constitutions of old and sick horses
Hooves are flexible, strong and re-mineralised each day
Hair-coats shine for an outstanding appearance
Natural safe support for gastric function
Supports laminitics and nullifies acidosis
Efficacious in helping injured horses to build bone, tendon and muscle tissue
Promotes ‘well-being’ when fed regularly
Palatable even to fussy feeders
EquiNourish contains more than 60 natural organic micro-nutrients, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, alginates, enzymes, trace and rare earth elements which have a catalytic effect making nutritional shortfalls a thing of the past.

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