Trinity Consultants are a bespoke nutritional consultancy and feed formulators. We get thousands of enquiries from horse owners, professionals, trainers, veterinarians, therapists, farriers and all manner of people involved in the horse and pony world each year.

Many Clients

We have many clients who we have worked with regularly for over 16 years, providing their horses with daily diet rations. We have seasonal clients who return each year when the same problem reoccurs and there are those who need our help just once.

Bespoke Care

Trinity Consultants are a bespoke nutritional consultancy and feed formulators.

We have thousands of possible formulations for many differing problems besetting horses and ponies. Some are dietary requirements, so making simple alterations to the diet and providing a complementary feed to balance the diet.

Other requests can be much harder to solve taking time and commitment from both sides, this is the norm when a horse has been ill for some time or is beset with a chronic condition such as Cushing’s or Arthritis.

How do Trinity Consultants work?

When a client first contacts us we are often working from limited information to find the solution. We have to be like detectives, asking questions and searching for reasons, sometimes very obscure ones, as to why particular events are happening or why a horse has suddenly gone ‘down hill’.

The consultancy part of our work is mostly done over the phone or via email and takes a considerable amount of time, knowledge and compassion. Each individuals needs are different, there is no ‘What to do in case of…’ hand book for us. We use our knowledge and skills to talk through the situation and make recommendations on how best to proceed.

Once we have a back-ground and have decided how to proceed, upon the clients request we proceed to formulate. The formulation will then be labelled for the individual horse and sent via 24hr courier service. We always offer support to all our clients and aftercare is extremely important as too is client feedback.

Trinity Consultants are the formulators of EquiNourish the only unique all-natural liquid feed balancer. EquiNourish presents highly available naturally occurring organic nutrients to the horse without overloading the system and restoring natural diet balance. EquiNourish; one unique balancer, many outstanding benefits. EquiNourish is available over the internet and to Trinity Consultants clients.

Our ethos is ‘We’re here when you need us’