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Equinourish provides the most complete package of minerals in a super organic form on which equines have evolved and that are most readily accepted and metabolised.



The unique multi-functional natural feed for all horses and ponies including competition and breeding stock consists of a 60% blend of concentrated seaweeds especially processed to increase their Mineral Exchange Efficiency (absorption) over that of already excellent raw seaweed. Presenting it in this way really suits the Equine’s quite singular digestive system, in addition 40% of the formula is concentrated natural herbs renowned for their on-going benefits to the Equine liver and pancreas.

Equinourish is one of the richest and most varied sources of organic minerals and micro-nutrients, easily assimilated and capable of nourishing the entire system of the horse blended with an age old ultra-reliable gentle liver, kidney and pancreatic functionary to aid eliminatory organs in disposing of metabolic wastes and toxins from the system. Of considerable importance in the maintenance of healthy skin, lungs and hooves and a unique ability to reinforce the existing nutritional parameters provided by good forage and other feeds in the daily diet. The unique make up of Equinourish helps support the horse to maintain good resistance and metabolic function needed to deal with the rigours presented by a modern-day existence.


Fucus vesiculosus, Artium Lappa, Stevia, Taraxicum officinalis, Zingiber officinalis, a concentrated blend of Eucalptus globulus,Thymus serpyllum, Origanum vulgare, Allium sativum, Rosmarins officinalis and Salvia officinalis essential oils. Active ingredients in accordance with E C Directive 1831/2003 ISO 22.000

Feed rate

Approximate feedrate for different bodyweightsWeightml/dayWeightml/day
900 Kg120to150500 Kg80to100
800 Kg110to140400 Kg65to80
700 Kg105to130300 Kg50to65
600 Kg95to120200 Kg35to45

Split into two feeds.

Mix in with the regular bucket feed.

At the standard rate (80-100ml per day), 1 litre will last about 10-12 days.

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  1. sioux thorpe (verified owner)

    Well I am amazed 1 bottle and I have a different horse he has gone from lazy and lathargic and stiff to a spring chicken! Such a difference in him we are about to start a 2nd bottle I am liking this new version of him.

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