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Used to support the liver.




The Pick-me-up, liver tonic and detox for Equines. Can be fed as a 10-day course as a general ‘Pick-Me-Up’ or for longer when required as a nutritional supplement for the liver, pancreas, kidney and spleen. Suitable for all equines including breeding stock, young stock and competition horses.


Please note, orders of 5l will be sent in a can with a tap and bottle to decant into.



Capparis spinosa, Cichorium indybus, Terminalia arjuna, Solanum nigrum, Cassia occidentalis , Achillea millefolium, Tamarix gallica, Zingiber officinalis, a concentrated blend of Eucalptus globulus, (Blue Gum), Thymus serpyllum (Wild Thyme), Origanum vulgare (Wild Marjoram), Allium sativum (Garlic), Rosmarins officinalis (Rosemary), Salvia officinalis (Red Sage) essential oils, active ingredients in accordance with E C Directive 1831/2003 ISO 22.000 and the related up grading with GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) from USA FDA (Food and Drugs Administration, USDA/NOP REG No NP1178.

Feed rate

Approximate feedrate for different bodyweightsWeightml/dayWeightml/day
900 Kg150500 Kg100Levels indicated  on bottle are mathematically related to 500Kg Bodyweight. Round up or down as practical and according to the individual horse or pony
800 Kg140400 Kg80
700 Kg130300 Kg65
600 Kg120200 Kg45
100 KG30

Split into two feeds.

Mix in with regular bucket feed.

At the standard feedrate for a 500kg horse (100ml per day), 1 litre will last 10 days.


16 reviews for L94

  1. Natasha (verified owner)

    After being on L94 for just three days, my horse is no longer girthy when tacking up, she is far calmer in herself and best of all has stopped eating mud! Thank you so much to Roger and everyone at Trinity.

    • Trinity Consultants

      Hi Natasha, very pleased to hear things are going well.

  2. lynsey_ross (verified owner)

    Simon advised we feed this to my mare to kick start her metabolism. I am astounded at how quickly she has gone from a horse who wasn’t worried about eating, to a horse who is eating up with a real appetite. It is a little early to see results regarding condition but I am positive that her weight will improve steadily. I have ordered Goldenmeal to assist with this.

  3. crabswoodzingarny (verified owner)

    This is great stuff! used it for my footy pony after hearing rave reviews about it & i wasn’t disappointed. Improvement was noted in just 2/3 days & so it continued, by the end of the week she was out walking on hard surfaces with little problem.

  4. Emma (verified owner)

    A go to in our tack room when you need to help a horse recover – be that from the Autumn Flush, stresses of a move, introduction of another pony, recovery, rehab or a million other things that will disrupt your horses tummies… It works, it’s turned around so many of our horses

  5. marieof (verified owner)

    I fed L94 followed by Rexflo to my laminitic pony with absolutely amazing results (his coat bloomed, temperament improved and he was able to graze all year with the herd instead of in a severely grass restricted area for the first time in years). Since then I have recommended it to all my friends with laminitis prone equines. Wonderful products!

  6. gail.richardson1 (verified owner)

    My pony had acute laminitis, tried this as a last resort and on review from vet was sound on turns and was given go ahead for restricted turnout, so grateful for another chance

  7. Nicci Parris (verified owner)

    Great product, smells lovely, my EMS boy ate it like it was going out of fashion (was on metformin which was a battle to get him to eat) he was weighed a week before starting L94, and then at the end of 10 days on L94, with 6hrs muzzled turnout, 8-9kg overnight soaked hay (6-7 kg of that for stable overnight) and an hour in hand walking daily he managed to loose 18kg!! Very impressed as I honestly was skeptical.

  8. hm35 (verified owner)

    It’s doing a great job for our pony. Thank you

  9. Tara Cantle (verified owner)

    My pony has suffered from high insulin and it’s effects for a long time. I think I’ve tried him on almost every other product out there with no change. L94 has literally been a game changer. We have a sound, cheeky, full of life pony back thank you Simon for all your help. Tara and Poser

  10. Caroline Johnson (verified owner)

    This stuff is incredible. I’m so impressed: I’m feeding this along with set back salts and there was a dramatic difference within a few days. Going to finish the bottle and move on to P45. Pony is totally sound now after being really sore with bruised soles. Crest has reduced and all puffiness above eyes gone so I’d say it’s helping with metabolic issues. She’s now having 2 x 2 hour turnout in muzzle at pasture with no issues. We built this up over the past 5 days from 1 x20 minute. On day 9 now and loads left as she’s less than 300 kg so dose is quite low. We give it twice a day with a forage based feed. Brilliant!

  11. nikkjoy (verified owner)

    I purchased L94 after having a blood test done on my mare who had been showing signs of lethargy, girthy, very grumpy, hated being touched or groomed, hated her back feet picked up, was very hard to ride and just would not go forwards and would plant and rear or be very explosive in the Menage! very footy and had fat pads and a cresty neck! The blood test showed she has liver enzymes and inflammation! After using many many supplements I contacted Simon at Trinity who suggested L94 which has been a huge game changer for her, she has stopped the grumpiness and her feet are much better, she has lost the fat pads and Crest neck and is going forwards much better, she is still girthy but hoping this will go with time, we are on our second bottle of the L94 and will continue to use this on a maintenance level! Thank you Simon and Trinity.

  12. Catherine Howe (verified owner)

    I was recommended this for my retired 23 year old boy who had struggled with mud fever and generally seemed a bit down after winter.
    Within a couple of days he started to become perkier and leading him in from the field I was having to jog to keep up with him, whereas preciously he’d just ambled along.
    Fantastic product.

  13. Maria Franklin (verified owner)

    I first gave this to the ponies in Spring 2020, as our older pony in particular seemed not her usual self. It made a big difference to her energy and movement, as well as her feet, coat and general well being.

    It has also made a huge difference to their ability to eat and digest grass. On all of their feet I could later see the evidence of the clear out it triggered. I now offer this at least twice a year and follow on in spring, summer and autumn with P45. And they love both, and lick the bowl clean. Highly, highly recommend.

  14. slowe (verified owner)

    Simon recommended L94 for my OAP rescue donkey when he had a deep rooted foot abcess that lead to a severe bout of Azoturia. AMAZING is the best description, my old boy went from not being able/willing to move to playing with his friend in the field again in a few days. The reviewer who said it was a ‘ tack room staple ‘ is spot on and I will be keeping some on hand.
    Thank you Simon

  15. Ali Wood (verified owner)

    My mare was severely grass affected and started showing symptoms when we moved her to a new yard last year. Her symptoms included head flicking, excessive spookiness, issues with canter (going disunited behind), reactiveness to groom to name but a few. We had found minor improvements with other supplements but L94 has been a game changer. This time last year she had become unrideable for about a month. This year, she is the same sassy forward going happy mare that she has always been. The footiness over stones has disappeared and we are now back out hacking barefoot without boots and she looks amazing. We are just about to start on P45 to help her on the grass (muzzled when necessary) and can’t wait to see the results. Simon is amazing. Super quick responses to my lengthy emails and even called me to discuss how we move forwards.

  16. sioux thorpe (verified owner)

    Was advised by Simon to feed this to a very prone to laminitis mare didn’t have any bouts for over 2 years after feeding just 1 litre followed by rexflo but hit another bout recently but again 1 bottle of this has got her back out grazing and we are going to follow it with P45 before spring grass grows.

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