Lactiferm Capsules


Supports the intestinal microflora in horses of all ages.



Lactiferm probiotic selectively supresses harmful bacteria by :-

  1. Modifying the local bacterial community in the intestines by competing for attachment sites (competitive exclusion).
  2. Ensuring the improved use of the total diet by enhancing its nutritional value.

M74 has been extensively tested in field trials and such findings confirmed in university studies. As a practical and economical means of helping maintain intestinal wellbeing in equines Lactiferm Capsules have proven especially useful to support intestinal microflora in horses of all ages.
Background to LACTIFERM CAPSULES (M74)
The origins of M-74 can be traced back to Czech Republic to a Dr Kvanta who worked with Claes Olsen who was in the bee pollen business and had a relationship with the Czech government at the time. Initial production started in the Kvanta basement; probably Judit (Endre’s wife) was probably the most responsible. Then the research attracted the attention of the Swedish based Bonnier family and specifically Uncle Albert who was a true entrepreneur who started over 100 companies. It was after he died the family decided to sell their interest in the probiotic and M-74 was embraced by world recognition in all forms of livestock. M-74 was first named Streptococcus faecium then changed to Enterococcus faecium to be better categorised with EU legislation.


Feed rate

Recommended probiotic programme – Approx 500 – Kg Bodyweight
Six Capsules /day FOR 5 DAYS equates to 93.6 x 109 CFU’S per day*
Five Capsules /day FOR 5 DAYS equates to 78 x 109 CFU’S per day*
Four Capsules /day FOR 5 DAYS equates to 62.4 x 109 CFU’S per day*
Three Capsules /day FOR 5 DAYS equates to 46.8 x 109 CFU’S per day*

Total capsules fed – 90

Instruction for use – Mix in with contents of the regular bucket feed just prior to feeding to all horses and ponies including breeding stock and may be fed to horses competing under rules.


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