Used to support respiratory health.



Z70 helps to support optimum respiratory function.

Also, see AH181 & Candlewick Oil.


Prunus serotina, Marrubium vulgare, Verbascum thapus, Symphytum officinalis, Cetraria isandica, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Zingiber officinalis.

Feed rate

Weightml/dayWeightml/dayLevels indicated are mathematically related to 500Kg Bodyweight.

Round up or down as practical and according to the individual horse or pony

900 Kg75.0500 Kg50.0
800 Kg70.0400 Kg40.0
700 Kg65.0300 Kg30.0
600 Kg60.0200 Kg25.0

Split into two feeds.

Mix in with the regular bucket feed.

At the standard feedrate for a 500kg horse (50ml per day), 1 litre will last about 20 days.

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