EvenKeel Extra


Used to support against anxiety and behavioural unrest.





Evenkeel Extra is a small quantity “Top Up” complimentary feed to add to the diet of equines that need additional help when mental conflict is bad or worse from time to time and it is necessary to help more.

Do NOT feed Evenkeel Extra when competing under rules.



Valeriana officinalis 1:4 to 1: 5 Chineses concentrate.

Feed rate

700 Kg9400 Kg5Round up or down daily feedrate as practical and according to the individual horse or pony.

These feedrates are when feeding without another Evenkeel formula containing Valerian.

600 Kg7300 Kg4
500 Kg6200 Kg3

1 teaspoon is approximately 3g

For a 500kg horse – Feed 6 teaspoons per day, split into two feeds, when feeding without an additional calmer. Feed 2 teaspoons per day when feeding with another Evenkeel formula that contains Valerian.

Mix in with the regular bucket feed.

At 2 teaspoons per day, 250g will last about 14 days.

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