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Good news from Sheridan

By 11/10/2014April 13th, 2017No Comments

Dear Trinity,

Sheridan came to live with me from the Blue Cross in November 2009. We don’t know a lot about his past but he had significant behavioural problems and had clearly not had the best of care previously. The Blue Cross worked with him for some time and he’s settled in with us very well.

He is still very anxious about some things and I do believe that this contributes to his breathing challenges. He’s been taking Equinourish since (can’t remember when he first started!!!) and whilst progress has been slow, I believe it has contributed to the development of his well being and allowed me to continue his exercise programme to get him fitter. As with all of these things, it takes time to unravel, and it is usually a combination of aspects of care that deliver the right results. When health has been compromised to such an extent, there is a question as to whether things will ever be ‘right’ or ‘normal’ again. However, I’m delighted with Sheridan’s progress and would recommend that anyone with a horse who is operating below par for some reason brings Trinity Consultants on board as a partner in resolving the problems.

many thanks again for all of your help. Best wishes

Tracey Rainbow (and Sheridan!!)

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