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SPLINTS – Feed Convelix in addition to regular diet and if possible rub in Comfrey Lotion everyday.

 CONVELIX  Registered Client Information

CONVELIX is formula of considerable therapeutic versatility

Convelix is double infused 75% Comfrey root, 25% German Chamomile in Sunflower oil left to mature for a period not less than 6 weeks it is a mitogenic & vulnerary formulae to support recovery from fractures, injury, torn ligaments and tendons, bruising and any concussive disturbances such as splints and deformities to the body.

To help rapid healing of flesh and bones by acceleration of mitosis (cell-division) reducing cross linkage which the longer it occurs causes the greater overgrowth of connective tissue (Keloid)

Feed to help recovery from sore shins and other microfractures and lung regeneration.

Convelix is of benefit for ulceration anywhere along the gastrointestinal tract and in cases of hernias, colitis and bleeding from the stomach, throat, lungs, bowel and bladder. Feed CONVELIX in cases of heavy bruising particularly to the bone. (Feed in conjunction with the application of Comfrey Leaf Lotion if possible). Few herbs or indeed medicines replenish wasted bone cells with the speed of Comfrey it is rich in naturally occurring Germanium important as a free radical neutraliser and in all biochemical life.

Convelix is an excellent antioxidant and way of keeping your horse or pony ‘waterproofed’ and protected whilst at the same time imparting outstanding appearance and healing properties. The source of quiet energy it provides can substitute the same calories that may provide energy from in a more kinetic (lively) form.

Feed Convelix to horses and ponies, of all ages including breeding stock and competition horses under rules.  Feed a few drops to start with mixed into the regularly fed bucket feed and then gradually increase always mixing in well to preserve an even consistency to the chop, dried grass, pulp and cereal etc.

Exert from January 2015 “Leaves from our Notebook” Newsletter 

Whenever a horse undergoes an operation or sustains an injury there a scar. Over time scar tissue diminishes as there is contraction as some normal tissue adjacent to it grows in but there won’t ever be a scar as healing will not be totally one hundred per cent. It is the body’s natural intelligence to ‘knit’ the damaged tissue and scarring is a sign of successful conclusion of the repair process unfortunately the pieces don’t usually heal up to their pre-damaged standard. The reason for this is not fully understood but one reason appears to be due to the process in the collagen, the primary proteinous substance in the healed wound, called “crosses linkage” and anything that increases cross linkage enlarges the bulk of the scar causing residual stiffness and decreased range of motion.  Pain can also be more evident as nerves fibres are entrapped and compressed in the scar tissue. As much of the variation in degrees of scar is due to speed it can be very worthwhile to feed two things to help normalise the cross linkage process, neither will eliminate scarring but they do help and even after many years after the formation of a scar they may alter scar tissue in a positive manner such as in the case of pulmonary disorders and the presence of Keloids, thick protruding scars resulting from excessive amounts of collagen in the healing tissue. If both can be fed together so much the better the Convelix which is naturally double infused Symphytum officinalis (Comfrey) increases mitosis decreasing cross linkage and Methyl-Sulphonyl-Methane (MSM – Naturally occurring low molecular sulphur) opens up the pathways for healing to take place. 

Symphytum officinalis.   English-Comfrey,   French – Grand Consoude,

 German – Reinweld,   Italian – Consolide Maggiore.

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