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Wasting (Cataxia) – Feed Goldenmeal and Feu de Vie especially to the older active horse.  Include ‘T’ Minerals in the diet.



GOLDENMEAL  –   Registered Client Information

Steamed cooked extruded whole ground extruded soybeans, Calcium carbonate, Calcined magnesite, Live Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Youdan Selected Microcell Strain), Salt, Curcuma longa extract, Enterococcus faecium M74 Probiotic 

To provide additional calories, intracellular oil and amino acids for an increase in muscle, condition, good haircoat and general well-being and to help withstand the rigours of competition whilst not upsetting digestion or changing temperament.

Helped by the heat and pressure of processing the digestibility of its protein content is high with a broad amino acid spectrum processing also provides a high purity reduced globule sized intracellular oil containing its own emulsifying lecithin content enabling it to broken down and utilised by convalescing horses and those with an impaired or aging constitution.

Feed for as long as necessary. Goldenmeal is particularly good to feed to Mares in the first part of lactation especially early in the year or when grazing is less than optimum. It stimulates and maintains both milk production and milk quality and part of any recovery programme from pathogenic bacteria damage and is a protectant against DNA damage in the lymphocytes.

When included in a diet consisting mainly of roughage (fibrous material) Goldenmeal will positively contribute to muscle tone and haircoat appearance, when fed with added starchy feeds (Cooked Barley, Flaked maize etc) and adequate roughage, it completes the energy balance that will provide extra weight and condition. When fed in conjunction with good bushel weight Oats, Goldenmeal makes a positive contribution to sustained racing performance.

Goldenmeal has a soothing effect on the digestive system improving the intestinal mucous protective lining and gut tensile strength of the stomach, reducing the risk of necrotic enteritis and ulcers due to stress or drugs. It has a gently beneficial effect on the liver and on mobility and immunity through its antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties. Goldenmeal carotene content readily converted into Vitamin A. when demand is necessary.

Goldenmeal provides an osmolyte accumulation in the cells that attracts water allowing the horse to maintain water balance in a more energy-efficient way. This means that the horse uses less energy to maintain its water balance and more energy for growth and health cell creation.

Goldenmeal is an excellent methyl donor. Methyl groups are involved in hundreds of metabolic reactions including the creation of phospholipids an important component of cell membranes, tissue repair and immune response functions. It is also a source of Phospholipids (as lecithin) in its own right.

FEU DE VIE   Registered Client Information

Composition – Ananassa stevia extract, Cinnamon zeylanicum, Trachyspernan ammi, Piper nigrum, Piper longum, Zingiber officinalis, Cinnamon zeylanicum, Curcuma longa extract

Feu de Vie is a small quantity complimentary feed for Equines. To be mixed into the regular bucket fed feed

Feu de vie enhances the horses metabolism maximising the properties of the existing diet, rejuvenating and strengthening. The whole body feels its influence and in the case of horses and ponies already receiving help to aid recovery or help to maintain freedom from an individual problem it significantly increases the body’s ability to accept such efforts

Fed  at 10g twice  daily Feu de Vie is carefully formulated from a long tradition of specifics favoured by practical Horsemen and Women the world over, dependant on the horse for their living, brought up to date to not only cater for age old problems but newer difficulties that the  modern world presents.

Feu de Vie is devoid of side effects and little likelihood of duplication and can be fed to all horses and ponies including breeding stock and performance horses and ponies under rules  gently invigorating  without changing temperament except for horses bad tempered and depressed by digestive disorders when in such cases it feeding will result in greater normality.

Explanation of the role of FEU DE VIE

The effect of Feu de Vie can be perceived in two ways.

  • As a metabolic functionary The metabolism concerns the biochemical changes and physical changes whereby energy is created for the body’s vital activities and replacing old cells with new ones. Metabolism is dependent on a chemical interaction promoted by enzymes. A wide range of illnesses may follow metabolic feebleness and disturbance from debility to hyperactivity and avoidance of these may require attention to the liver, digestive and endocrinal systems. Feu de Vie enhances the ability of such attentions. For instance attention may be focused on helping  a horses digestive system, Feu de Vie by way of being a metabolic functionary will help such efforts to be more successful.
  • 2) Feu de Vie can also in itself have a direct influence with actual problems, for instance it is an effective mucolytic agent so it can help with breathing, it is also an anti-flatulent reducing digestive and colic symptoms. It is a liver tissue regenerator so it helps with hepatically connected malfunctions, is an anti-diabetic and an antispasmodic so it help maximise existing efforts to help EMS and muscular over taxation

The duel ability of Feu de Vie to help recovery should not be overlooked instead it may be that before abandoning a course of action originally thought of a the correct way of helping a horse with a specific problem it may be worthwhile feeding a spoonful of Feu de Vie as it may be that the existing course of action in not quite effective enough to precipitate change a little like the extra effort need to get a car moving.


Although we think of October as the month of change and moult this year with temperatures in most part of the UK remaining very acceptable and there still being a lot of grass changes will drift on into November and then if we get a spell of cold weather change may be more abrupt. Animals do not like change; it means the metabolism (the breaking up and replacement of new cells) can be put out of kilter. One change most horses can deal with but a series of changes in quick succession, especially in vulnerable horses means if they do not readily shrug off the effects on the first change it will follow that the second change and any subsequent change will have more negative impact, this can be referred to a ‘Stress Bio-accumulation’. If it is suspected such little traumas have a more than transient effect. It is better to do something about than leave it. In time the horse or pony will most probably get over things, however what about the here and now? And also going into the winter is not the best time to start with a drawback. Classic help is 10 days of L94 especially if fed at the earliest opportunity following a trauma and the L94 and H29 to continue for another week or so works well. The effects of change is nothing that our forefathers didn’t appreciate and starting into more strenuous work can be temporarily taxing, and to help, Cubebs from Java were frequently fed. They are not easily sourced these days but we are still asked for them frequently. We do, though, have Feu de Vie which instead of Tail Peppers is a six part formula consisting of Long peppers, Omum seeds, Black peppers, Red peppers, Curcumin (the effective part of Turmeric) and natural proteolytic enzymes obtained from pineapple stalks. Fed at a spoonful or if necessary two a day Feu de Vie can be very helpful not only because of its effect on the digestion, respiration and hepatic function but because it has a conciliatory effect on the metabolism


‘T’ (Tri-algae) Minerals are a unique blend of Freshwater, Seawater and Land algae that contribute to greater utilization of the total diet, stable intestinal conditions and good health. ‘T’ Minerals are a natural wormer when fed at the recommended daily level and can be fed to all Horses and Ponies including young and breeding stock.

‘T’ MINERALS are of particular value to older horses as the formula is high in plant silica (Silicic acid) an outstanding example of how a mineral can be therapeutically useless in its natural form as in sand yet a powerful immune enhancer when a constituent of a plant. Silicon is of utmost importance for all living creatures as the supporting structure of the cells consist of silicic acid crystals which emit waves which serve to stimulate the cell membranes and impart rigidity and skeletal stability, traces of which are in blood, skin and hooves even the lens of the eye and in the production of white blood cells. All tissues depend on silica for elasticity. As a calcium fixer any deficiency spells an increase in body calcium with consequent loss of elasticity of the lungs, the circulatory system and muscle something inevitably enhanced by wear and tear and age.

Feed as an on-going Antiparasitic to horses and ponies that react to chemical worming and when chemical worming is not an option.

DIGESTION – Helps maintain acid-alkaline balance, arrest acidity and chronic acid damage. The terms Hyperacidity and hyperchlorhydia refer to excessive production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, acid eructations causing stomach tenderness and distress that may be associated with ulcers. The formula has natural anti-histamine properties thus helpful in preventing infection and inflammation of the gastric mucosa and adverse allergic reaction. It is safe to feed for a long period of time as it does not produce any side effect.

NUTRIENT ASSIMILATION and UTILISATION – CONSTITUTIONAL MINERAL SALTS helps all the feed in the daily diet to be absorbed and used to maximum advantage. Experimental evidence verifies the traditional use of Constitutional Salts either as a sole nutritional aid or in conjunction with other nutrients to collectively help. The availability of essential nutrients being compromised by poor gastrointestinal absorption is a frequent failing in horses and is often incorrectly interpreted as the provision of nutrients  not being adequate or out of balance . It follows that less than optimum assimilation results in lower than optimum nutrient utilisation and all the pitfalls that presents to the immunity system.

RESTORATION – The formulation has demulcent, expectorant, antitussive properties helping  to systematically break up tough mucus rejuvenating the lungs and arrest permanent respiratory damage in a wasting situation, aid mucilaginous tissue restoration, the properties of the formula are distinctly vulnerary, haemostatic and accelerates  mitosis (cell-division) of all flesh and bones so a useful adjunct to feed to horses and ponies receiving  medical  treatment for injury, infection, physical trauma or degeneration.

CIRCULATION -A healthy bloodstream depends upon maintenance of an acid-alkaline balance. Blood is always slightly alkaline. Only slight variations on either side are compatible with life. When this delicate balance is disturbed by faulty elimination of wastes, carbon dioxide, etc a condition known as acidosis, acid-alkaline imbalance is a known precursor of  whole variety of  health mal-functions including creating  chronic diseases particularly to the extremities that can result in partial arterial shunt thus returning blood to the heart without fully servicing some remote tissue, this means there is  not only greater susceptibly to bruising and inflammation  but  it takes much longer to  heal and get right again.

‘T’ MINERALS contain organic source of

 Silicon (SiO2) Potassium (K20) Manganese (Mn) Boron (Bo) Magnesium (Mn), Sodium (Na) Nickel (N) Bromine (Br) Calcium (Ca) Sulphur (S) Vanadium (Va) Selenium (Se) Phosphorus (P) Copper (Cu) Chromium (Cr) Zinc (Zn) 

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