T Minerals


An available source of minerals.



‘T’ (Tri-algae) Minerals are a unique blend of Freshwater, Seawater and Land algae that contribute to greater utilization of the total diet, stable intestinal conditions and a high degree of constant good health. ‘T’ Minerals can be the sole extra minerals fed or can be fed in conjunction with other complimentary feeds. ‘T’ Minerals can be fed to all Horses and Ponies including young and breeding stock.


Kieselgur (Selected freshwater silicaceous single cell diatom algae), Fucus versiculosis (Bladderwrack), Cetraria islandica (Iceland moss).

Feed rate

WeightSpoons/dayWeightSpoons/dayLevels indicated are mathematically related to 500Kg Bodyweight.

Round up or down as practical and according to the individual horse or pony

900 Kg4.5500 Kg3.0
800 Kg4.25400 Kg2.5
700 Kg4.0300 Kg2.0
600 Kg3.5200 Kg1.5

One flat 50ml Spoon  = Approximately 35g

Mix in with the regular bucket feed.

At the standard feedrate for a 500kg horse (3 x 50ml spoons a day), 3 kg will last about a month.

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