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Supports Bile, Pancreatic and Lymphatic flow.



Rexflo supports Bile, Pancreatic and Lymphatic flow. Supports capillary function and flow, white cell production and liver glycogen reserves essential for red blood cell manufacture and for tissues dependent on enough liver glycogen presence. Helps maintain healthy involuntary muscle structure.

Rexflo supports the strength and tone of capillaries, elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and opening surface areas enabling blood to be circulated to assist tissue build up and the health of the liver, pancreatic and general constitution.

Feed, when necessary, as a regular daily feed. Follows on from feeding L94. May also be fed with H29 and TPGS.



Cynara scolymus extract (Cynarin*) ext, Taraxicum officinalis ext , Arctium lappa rad ext, Achillea milleifolium ext , Iris versicolor, Zingiber officinalis, Stevia rotundifolia extract.

Feed rate

Approximate feedrate for different bodyweightsWeightml/dayWeightml/dayLevels indicated are mathematically related to 500Kg Bodyweight. Round up or down as practical and according to the individual horse or pony
900 Kg75.0500 Kg50.0
800 Kg70.0400 Kg40.0
700 Kg65.0300 Kg30.0
600 Kg60.0200 Kg20.0
100 Kg15.0

Split into two feeds.

Mix in with the regular bucket feed.

At the standard feedrate for a 500kg horse (50ml per day), 1 litre will last about 20 days.

2 reviews for Rexflo

  1. ontracktraining (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Rexflo with sparsa spray to treat my horse’s sarcoids. It seems to have worked! The sarcoids began to shrink about 3 weeks after I started using this, and are now completely flat, and practically unnoticeable. More importantly, he hasn’t developed any new ones. Thanks Simon!

  2. sioux thorpe (verified owner)

    I had a mare with recurring laminitis in August that no sooner she recovered from one bout she would go lame again and was constantly back on bute. In September I fed L94 and followed it up with rexflo and she hasn’t had a bout since. Been sound ever since.

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