EvenKeel 2


Used to support anxiety, nervousness and uncharacteristic behaviour.



A powder formulated to help maintain composure in equines, like those suggested for Evenkeel 1, but devoid of Valerian. Therefore Evenkeel 2 may be fed to horses competing under rules.


Passiflora incernata, Chamomilla recutita, Humulus lupulus, Magnesium phosphate, Magnesium oxide, L-Tryptonphan, Kieselgur (freshwater silicaceous single cell diatom algae), Vitamin B1 Thiamine hydrochloride, Scutellaria Lateriflora.

Feed rate

Approximate feedrate for different bodyweightsWeightSpoons/dayWeightSpoons/day
900 Kg3.0500 Kg2.0
800 Kg3.0400 Kg1.5
700 Kg2.5300 Kg1.5
600 Kg2.5200 Kg1.0

One 25ml spoon = 17g

Mix in with the regular bucket feed.

At the standard feedrate for a 500 kg horse (2 measures per day), 1 kg will last about a month.


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