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Free worm counts

By 14/01/2019May 8th, 20202 Comments

We would just like to remind the owners of all those horses and ponies being fed Equinourish that they are entitled to free worm counts. Just let us know when and the number of horses or ponies and we will send sufficient pots to you with a self-addressed envelope. On receiving them back we will analyse the samples and email you with the results ASAP.

Please feel free to take advantage of this offer to keep abreast of any potential developments in your horse’s worm burden.

We are often asked do we do a natural wormer and the answer is we do, the formula is ‘T’ Mins. ‘T’ Minerals are a unique blend of Freshwater, Seawater and Land algae that contribute to greater utilization of the total diet, stable intestinal conditions and a high degree of constant good health. Fed at about 3 Kg per month for a 500kg horse, ‘T’ Minerals can be the sole extra minerals fed or can be fed in conjunction with other complementary feeds. ‘T’ Minerals can be fed as an ongoing antiparasitic to horses and ponies that react to chemical worming or when chemical worming is not an option. They are a natural alternative to chemical worming when fed at the recommended daily level and can be fed to all horses and ponies including young and breeding stock.

Please remember to request faecal sample pots to send back for free of charge worm count analysis and results if commencing to feed ‘T’ Mins as part of the natural worming programme.


  • juliaathompson73 says:

    Could I have 2 faecal sample pots sent out to me for my mare please? I have recently started her on the TMins following your recommendation and I am hoping that this can help reduce her worm counts going forward.

    Julia Thompson
    15 Falkland Mount, Moortown Leeds, LS17 6JG.

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