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Used to support horses with faecal water.



FW1661 is a safe and natural supplement to support horses with instances of faecal water caused by a disruptive gastric function; quite often initiated by an inhospitable environment in the gut for positive bacteria to thrive.


Calcium chelate, Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Magnesium phosphate, Potassium chloride, Stevia extract, Vitamin E, Zingiber officinalis, Kieselgur (selected freshwater silicaceous single cell diatom algae), Turbinella pyrum (processed), Enterococcus faecium M74 Probiotic.

Feed rate

Approximate feedrate for different bodyweightsWeightSpoons/dayWeightSpoons/day
700 Kg4.5400 Kg2.5Round up or down daily feedrate as practical and according to the individual horse or pony. If possible split into two or more feeds
A 50ml FLAT SPOON CONTAINS30 g600 Kg3.5300 Kg2
500 Kg3.0200 Kg1.5

Mix in with the regular bucket feed.

At the standard feedrate for a 500kg horse (3 measures per day) 3 kg will last about a month.

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  1. Georgina Anstee Marriott (verified owner)

    Our Connemara x TB pony, Arya, evidently suffered gastrically, probably for several years BEFORE FW1661!
    She came to us with a very ‘squitty’ bottom (and permanently filthy hind end and tail).
    Even on a simple and diet of good quality, organic meadow hay (i.e., sweet and clean hay, well made from ‘old pasture’, with a variety of grasses and flowers, no nitrogen fertilizers, nor other chemicals), hay-based chaff, and limited turn-out in ‘clean’ paddocks, she was frequently bloated and suffered faecal water. This also resulted in her ‘blowing’ in moderate work, even though she was very fit. Simon suggested we try 1661 when it was in the development/testing stage.
    Within a week she was obviously better: visually less bloated; no faecal water; more ‘normal’ droppings; and blowing less with moderate-fast work. She continued to improve over the following months.
    Please note she is a high-performing competition pony, jumping the 138cm Gold League BS classes .. requiring her to be very athletic.
    I’m not a vet, but have managed, trained and competed horses to a high level for 35+ years. I’m assuming her micro-biome is less than ideal as when we remove the 1661 the symptoms return within a few days .. She’s good on 1661 so she will stay on it.

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