Probiotic Prevent


Intestinal function.



PVent PROBIOTIC is known to:

1. Modify the local bacterial community in the intestines by competing for attachment sites (competitive exclusion).
2. Ensures the improved use of the total diet by enhancing its nutritional value.

Lyophilized bacteria product in specific carrierEnterococcus Faecium 1.0 x109 CFU’S (Colony forming units)/g. REG NO NCIB 11181 BRUSSELS NOM 3002900 EC No 15.


Dextrose monohydrate, Enterococcus Faecium M74, Enterococcus Faecium 1.0 x109 CFU’S (Colony forming units)/g

Lyophized bacteria product in specific carrier. REG NO NCIB 11181 BRUSSELS NOM 3002900 EC No 15.

Feed rate

36ml per day – 2 Measures daily one in the morning and one at night. Fed at 36g per day 1kg will last about 27 days.  Feed when necessary for a period of at least 7 days or longer following illness or trauma. Feed during and following the stress of a new environment, other changes and following treatment with antibiotics. Mix into regular bucket feed just prior to feeding. For orphan foals include a proportion of the daily amount in with the milk prior to feeding or sprinkle onto creep feed. Although the effect on gut microflora begins within 2 hours of feeding, optimum conditions are not established until approximately 30 hours following commencement.

Instructions for use – Mix in with contents of the regular bucket feed at the last moment before feeding. Feed to all horses and ponies on a regular basis or when necessary including breeding stock and horses competing under rules.


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