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2 outstanding respiratory formulae…

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Clients will know there are two outstanding respiratory formula Z70 & AH181. They are not dis-similar so if push comes to shove and you already have one in the tack room either will do for the moment but there are subtle differences.

Z70 is more expectorant and is recommended for horses with a cough especially where there is mucus that need liquefying and coming up quickly. AH181 has more to do with breathing problems to do with allergies and dust and pollen intolerances, dry coughs and hay fever type conditions and where Z70 contains an effective level of Coltsfoot in AH181 it is replaced with greater proportion of Ocimum Sanctum extract which has more immuno-modulating properties it being one of the 24 known adaptogens. Adaptogen, from the Latin adaptane meaning fit or adjust was coined by Soviet scientists and doctors to describe substances that increase the body’s nonspecific resistance to stress. Both breathing formulae are brown liquid easily mixed into the bucket feed, a portion of the daily amount being split into each feed.

Meanwhile on the subject of Adaptogens the one herb that heads the list as far sustaining immunity during the rigors of training and performance amongst a host of other benefits is Ginseng either Panax or what is referred to in China as Acanthopanax (in Japan as Ezoukogi) but now more commonly known in the rest of the world as Eleutherococcus senticosus.

The latter we include in the formula in A24 –SPORT and have recently substantially increased the proportion. To do so without increasing the feedrate from the usual 50-100ml per day level we have its L94 level with the thought that if it is required L94 can always be fed as a prelude to or with A24-SPORT when thought necessary so that increasing the percentage of Eleutherococcus means horse owners and trainers have more of a choice in selecting a legal, safe and scientifically justified performance enabling formula.

For the moment the cost is as it was (please see the website for prices) because of favourable cover  and things looking steady in the Ginseng market although anyone with only half the knowledge of  Ginseng production and trading will know it is another world. As far as horses are concerned any subtle differences between Panax (Red Ginseng) and Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng as the Americans call it) are not documented and neither can we find differences from our own case experiences which are indeed fortunate because the cost of Panax would make the creation of A24 impossible. A new statutory notification certificate has been prepared to accompany the ungraded formula and can be E-Mailed to anyone interested. At the bottom of the note is a general point worth repeating in these notes.

In an effort to win or at least do well there can be an understandable wish to do something that will instantaneously make that happen and knowing this, there is always those prepared to say such a way exists. A24 – Sport is not and must not be interpreted as a “Go Faster” it is instead a reliable, scientifically justified aid to improved performance when fed in conjunction with good feed and good management  

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