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Alternative to support medical Cushing’s disease treatment

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Giving extra support to the hypothalamus and pituitary glands for a horse or pony diagnosed or suspected of suffering from Cushing’s makes sense. Such action may at most delay the necessity for a drug dependency and at least provide better stabilisation and limit the often inevitable progression of drugs to a minimum. It must however be stated it is not an alternative for horses and ponies already being medically treated for Cushing’s disease.

C7 is formulated from plants seen to influence the relationship between the brain and the adrenals such as Centella, Vitex, and Smilax etc in powder or liquid form. It must not be regarded as any form of medicine no more than plaster of paris or a crutch can be for a broken leg, it is only an adjunct, nevertheless, malfunction of a gland lies at the root of many baffling diseases, both mental and physical. As yet this defies any clear cut diagnosis so if a pituitary disorder is  diagnosed or suspected it could very well be worthwhile including in the diet agents that sustain the gland and the endocrinal system in general such as those included in C7.

A number of algae (lichens and seaweeds) are also know to be relative to pituitary disorders this provides yet a further beneficial reason for feeding EquiNourish (a large proportion of which contains a  selection of different pre-processed algae) on a general basis to all horses.  We have though, not had EquiNourish long enough to say that the dearth of any reported incidences of the developments of Cushing’s on horses being regularly fed EquiNourish is in any way connected.

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