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The reasons for behavioural problems can be quite deep seated and just as convalescence is important in recovery from an injury or disease so must there be a period of time devoted to mental rehabilitation with the alleviation of stress being paramount. Much of relief from stress must be managemental but recovery can be helped by feeding a calming, stress reducing supplement which appertains to the problem although never to the exclusion of a thought-out management and environmental strategy. Selecting the most appropriate formula to resolve the problem in a horse’s mind and nerves in not easy and very broadly they can be due to:

Stress having caused a mineral imbalance

An experience that has imprinted a fear or the misinterpretation of two or more sometimes quite disconnected experiences

Hormonal reasons, general and particular jealousies

Pituitary, thyroid and other gland malfunctions

A combination of any one or more of No’s 1 to 4

With so many possible reasons for behavioural problems it is small wonder that the most number of formulae to help horse owners made by Trinity Consultants are those blended to try to help with behaviour. There is definitely no single elixir. Every horse is different so the more you can tell us the more we may be able help.

For practicality we tend to make up formulae to help address each of the four categories these are single endeavour formulae.

When it comes to trying to help in more than one category we either recommend feeding two or sometimes even three Single endeavour formulae or if it possible to make it a Combined endeavour formulae.

Example of this would be a Single endeavour formula such as Maglyte (for No 1) to help restore mineral balance however if it was more psychological (No 2), which in itself had caused mineral imbalance, then we would recommend a Combine endeavour formula such as Crazy Horse and so on. There can be quite a few permutations so please do ask, to list them all on the internet would be confusing without lengthy explanation.

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