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Don’t Forget About Selenium

By 13/09/2017July 30th, 2018No Comments

Make sure sufficient Selenium is being fed, it is very important. At one time, it was low in the soils of the North East and other known places in the UK but nowadays there is no pattern we are encountering low soil Selenium all over. It is interesting that several of the famous herbalists of the past were keen on saying that if we took Horsetail tincture everyday it would halve the problems encountered in old age. Reference to Horsetail today sees it qualified by reminders that it contains good levels of organic Selenium. This is because the roots of Horsetail reach down to record depths and Selenium, which is heavy and soluble, is also sinking lower with greater rainfall and cultivation often beyond the reach of ordinary grasses. This fact reminds us why insufficiency of Selenium in forage is now common and as it is the “Beginning Mineral” occupying the interior of every living cell, with all other nutrients being ineffectual without it, it should be on our checklist for the winter.

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