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Eating much better on U33 Mélange Noir

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Eating much better on U33 Mélange Noir

A daughter of a Race Trainer, closely involved with the day to day management of one of their horses that won in 2011, but then in 2012 was diagnosed with ulcers, has observed that since feeding the formula U33 Le Mélange Noir, the horse, a really well bred gelding, has gone back to eating his breakfast as he was doing the year he was winning, indeed he had become a veritable night feeder and this was clearly not right.

Besides having an antacid and soothing action, U33 Le Mélange Noir   speeds up healing due to the substantial amount of Grand Consoude which French trainers swear by, we know it as Comfrey.

Few other measures can be taken to heal and replenish tissue & membrane with the speed of Comfrey.  Amongst a number of versatile constituents, Comfrey contains Germanium, a white metal that plays an important role in all biochemical life and is ironically found especially in Lourdes Water.

Germanium neutralises free radicals and helps eliminate toxins from the body.This and other properties of Comfrey accelerates mitosis (cell division) restores the body’s pH balance disturbed by acid foods, control blood sugar levels and assist in the function of the pancreas.

It is interesting that the three plants that contain notable levels of Germanium, namely  Comfrey, Aloe Vera and the single cell marine algae Chlorella , are of extensive study and of much interest in Japan. Germanium is documented for its inhibitory effect on tumour cells, fatigue in old age and the reduction of pain in peptic and duodenal ulcers.

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