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Everyday someone decides to start feeding EquiNourish

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Everyday someone decides to start feeding EquiNourish to their horse or pony, whether it be a top National Hunt horse, an international sport horse, hunter, hack or much loved family pony. Feeding EquiNourish results in fewer problems, less vet bills and less worries about doing the right thing. It is also a pleasure to feed as you can actually see it doing good.

Regardless of this when horses are poor, not quite right and those recovering from a setback, Clients will be familiar with us recommending a Remedial Nutrition (RN) programme before embarking on a maintaining diet with EquiNourish and Western Salts, what is being called “Success Feeding”.

So a few days ago we were especially interested in a phone call from a sport horse owner, that had for certain circumstances, not fed the prepared RN programme we had mapped out for her less than enthusiastic, slightly grumpy, tight, and generally lethargic gelding but instead went straight on to feeding EquiNourish at 100ml per day and a spoonful ofWestern Salts to his bucket feed of Chop, dehydrated grass, a little pulp and a handful or so of Flaked Maize to go with Hay to appetite, abandoning his usual, much advertised, proprietary industrial balancer. The Client had rung to order more EquiNourish this time in the more economical 5 Litre size with a dispensing pump so we knew she was not too displeased. We asked how things were going?

The answer was that the improvement she wanted had taken longer than what we had indicated if she had fed the RN programme first, indeed there had been about a week or so when she had started to have second thoughts but then the improvements started to come. He had more presence, was more willing and started to become a joy to ride and what was so different he was so much more tolerant of little things that in the past would easily lead to him being “off form”. Such information was good to know, it verified that the unhealthy should be dealt with differently to the healthy but it also was good to know that the “Mercedes” quality of EquiNourish can not only maintain horses at an elevated plane you & others notice but given time can help in recovery as well.

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