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Exciting news about a new temperament program…

By 05/12/2014April 13th, 2017No Comments

We’ve had some exciting news about a new temperament program… a dear client in Guernsey was finding her highly stressful & excitable, yet talented, Lipizzaner difficult to school and the dressage competitions loom.

Previously we tried to help with VN12 and M6 but whilst these mind & hormonal formulations helped initially, they weren’t quite providing a whole answer, we needed to do more.

So a combo was devised of X18, Crazy Horse and because of the time of year, extra K-Fluid. Over-kill perhaps? Not really, there are sound physiological and psychological reasons for each element to be involved.

X18 helps avert the psychological stress before it even starts by lessening stress-responses in the Hypothalamus (the command centre of the brain). This then means that to ‘close the door once the horse has bolted’ becomes less of an occurrence. To put it another way, we aren’t trying to deal with the excitable behaviour that is a result of stress formation, we’re by-passing it and going straight to where the stress manifests in the brain. X18 is a pre-emptive strike.

Crazy Horse; we got stuck on the name some 14 years ago after a show-jumping client requested a repeat order for the white powder she fed to her ‘Crazy Horse’, it’s become a stalwart of what we do. With a good inclusion of L-Tryptophan, B Vitamins and chelated Magnesium, Crazy Horse plays an important physiological role at lowering the impact & damage stress presents to the body and mind.

In the winter months the availability of Potassium becomes poor in grass and forage. Keeping topped up with K-Fluid each day helps the body to better utilise Magnesium, so having a positive effect on the central nervous system and further reducing the effects of stress.

We’re now pleased to report the program is working very well and we have a number of other clients reporting similar success. In some situations is not as cut and dry as feeding a bottle of glug and hoping the problems all go away. When there is a case of acute hyper and repetitive stimulation we have to do more to ameliorate psychological and physiological effects of stress.

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