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For sarcoids PNX spray may be worth trying…

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For sarcoids PNX spray may be worth trying, just spray on enough to moisten the sarcoid and no more, what is not in direct contact with the Sarcoid will not do anything and be a waste. Try to spray as many times a day as is possible, this is quite important and although laborious no physical contact has to be made.

Nothing will happen for a few days then the Sarcoid will start to become rosy and look sore and then start to go black, do not stop spraying the battle is now joined. Much will depend on circumstances but after this the Sarcoid will start to look lifeless and then it will give up the ghost and disappear. Throughout this time keep spraying till it is quite obvious it has gone.

You may well need more than the two bottles we normally send to start, depending on the size of the sarcoid.

PNX SPRAY will work on all types of sarcoid the only problem is some have less surface area than others in relation to their blood supply and some types like the flying saucer types are more moisture resistant. We are only ‘tapping on the outside’ so to speak. This was born out recently when a client’s donkey which had a grapefruit sized sarcoid near its sheath which we were not making any headway with managed to twist round (donkeys are quite double jointed) and bit it off, exposing the roots, the owner continued spray and the sarcoid then started to shrivel and went, I wonder with one of that size we would have ever got anywhere because of the waterproof nature of the sarcoid.

Painting with Bloodroot extract is a traditional way of helping get rid of Sarcoids which a lot of people find useful and this can be used as well as the PNX Spray. We can supply small quantities if required.

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