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Further evidence for the success of EquiNourish…

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ohann Wolfgang von Goethe the famous German biologist and writer wrote “In nature we never see anything isolated but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it”. How true this is when EQUINOURISH is being fed it does so much connecting, having so many nutrients it is integral to so many balances and relationships. One relationship that may be contributing towards horses being fed EQUINOURISH having better haircoats, stronger hooves, being more sensible and better behaved and more mobile at a greater age is the relationship between Magnesium and Boron.

We do not know enough about Boron we know that it is essential to life, that small amounts of boron compounds are essential for cell wall strength and experiments indicate a role for boron as an ultra trace element in animals, but the nature of its role in animal physiology remains largely unknown compared with other minerals. What we do know is that it is a very safe element for mammals and that it it increases calcium and magnesium retention.

When sufficient Boron is in the diet there is less Magnesium in the urine than if it is low in the diet which can be a fairly common incidence bearing in mind the rarity of Boron, its quite patchy distribution throughout the world and that it is highly unlikely to be included in the usual crop of proprietary industrial made compound feeds and balancers.

Conversely EQUINOURISH is rich in natural Boron thus helping to prevent the excretion of Magnesium in the urine. Magnesium activates more enzymes in the body than any other mineral and a lack of absorption or insufficiency leads to a whole raft of disorders so anything that actively increases its absorption into the cells is important bearing in mind there are so many ways Magnesium absorption and utilisation is decreased or blocked.

In humans, populations where either the soil or the diet is low in boron show a higher than average occurrence of arthritis, if this is true it goes some way in answering the question why we are seeing less dependency on arthritis supplements in horses as they get older when regularly fed EQUINOURISH as a balancer with roughage.

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