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Going BAREFOOT Part 3

By 24/09/2014April 13th, 2017No Comments

Hello all, another few weeks go past bringing glorious sunny days, no rainfall and watching the sun glitter on my horse’s back fills me with joy that the dark winter days are well behind us and summer has come to us early!

The only problem with the unusual weather is the slow down in the grass and the hard ground. Although the latter hasn’t proved too much of a problem for Pole Star’s foot re-hab, (the firmness gives good even pressure on his feet which in turn stimulates growth), but the grass has slowed down, we’re forecast rain in 6 weeks!

His Podiatrist, Debbie Croseor, came to see him and was very pleased with his progress, he went up a whole podiatry point! Which I am told is good progress especially for an ex-racehorse. Through wearing his boots & pads everyday, taking leisurely strolls around the Jersey countryside and feasting on EquiNourish and Tenderfoot, he has got some remarkable strength coming back to the structures of all four feet.

I note with interest that his feet have got a very definite growth ring about an inch from the coronet band, which ties into when we first took off his shoes and put him in his boots. He is starting to get feet that resemble a ‘cut and shut car’. Eventually he will grow out a whole new hoof capsule. Putting his terrible feet and weak structures in the past for good is a very exciting prospect!

Pickyness over the stones is marginal and doesn’t seem to give him any real concerns. I noticed whilst riding him that as we trotted up a hill in his boots, how much more elevated and free his trot is! I told him if he carries on like that he’ll be going to dressage! Bye for now, Philly and Pole Star

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