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Going BAREFOOT Part 4

By 07/10/2014April 13th, 2017No Comments

Hello, Pole Star moved yards last week… Of course I was worried that he would succumb to the stress of the move and that this would show in a degree of LGL. So before I moved him I started to feed him 100ml of L94 Liver tonic and M6-Calmer.

The move went very smoothly. He had no elevated pulses, footiness or heat, and was super chilled out with his new home and having left his mares he didn’t seem to be missing them. The other concern I had was going from no grass to a field of good grass. Even this coupled with the stress of the move didn’t elevate the pulses.

The use of L94 when transitioning barefoot or the use of a liver protector & detoxifier can not be overstated. Lowering stress and keeping the ‘traffic flowing’ throughout the foot structure will ensure that inflammation & toxins do not build up in the hoof capsule which leads on to pain and disturbance in growth.

So he’s doing very well, with excellent foot growth and a new view to keep him entertained. He is unaware that we are about to step up the work and that includes some big hills on the very north east corner of Jersey… now the real progress can start! Debbie will be over to see him in 3 weeks, I hope she’s as pleased with his progress

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