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How to help increase condition easily

By 16/12/2014April 13th, 2017No Comments

Sometimes there is a need to increase both the quality of the dietary protein intake and also provide extra enzyme cover to encourage more efficient protein breakdown.

This year a TB racer (stable name Tricky) arrived at a Trinity Client’s Yard having gone through a succession of yards. Each one in turn attempting to get him to gain more muscle and condition to help increase stamina.

Breed wise he’s a very good horse however all previous proprietary “build ups” available in the feed stores had been used, so Trinity was asked to help.

We recommended REGAIN, the results were very satisfactory and Tricky went on to win and do well in some very competitive races.

Things worked because in Tricky’s case we stepped up quality of the DCP (digestible crude protein) and enhanced utilisation from that of lesser quality protein such as linseed etc.

Granted, not necessary in every case but with Tricky’s there was a dramatic change noticed by everyone, so sometimes it’s worth taking time to reconsider thing even when others tell you it’s not possible.



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