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If your horse is having EquiNourish everyday…

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If your horse is having EquiNourish everyday, why not Nourish yourself everyday too?

It might well be due to the success of EquiNourish but more and more horse owners are enquiring about taking seaweed themselves in one form or another for their immediate and long term health and asking which is the best way to go about it. Taking it as a liquid is an option as in EquiNourish and it is not as bad as it sounds but the popular way is to simply take 3 Bladderwrack capsules every day.

The difference between those Japanese whose diets consists of a lot of seaweed and those Japanese who are now eating much lower amounts of seaweed or are exclusively on a ‘western style’ diet is very interesting as it is being found that those that have abandoned their traditional seaweed consumption are now recording far more incidences of dementia, cancer, heart disease, arthritis and bowel problems. Indeed as they get older they are now much the same as recorded in the west, ill-health levels which unto now were unheard of.

It is interesting that the majority of the people we know and do business with in the industry that advise us and help us in obtaining and processing the best quality seaweed actually practise what they preach and take seaweed themselves, saying that simply taking in some seaweed every day is their ‘health insurance’. Indeed, one ‘expert’ involved in the algae business most of his life and who helped us immensely with the development of EquiNourish in age-wise is well past his sell by date but is as bright as a button and has not had a day off sick for as long as he can remember, except when he fell off a ferry!

As with anything to do with diet and personal choice there are conflictions of opinion but it has to be said on the whole, seaweed gets a very good press.

There is uncertainty surrounding the terminology used, besides the names of the individual species being used there is also Algae which is the generic term that covers all seaweeds and blooms including freshwater growth. Then there is Seaweed which in some languages translates as seagrass which is the vegetation growing in the sea that is not coral. Then there is kelp, this is seaweed that is more or less immersed underwater all the time and then there is wrack, these are the seaweeds that are uncovered by the tide.

In America, seaweed in general can be referred to as kelp. Just like grass that grows on land much depends on variety as to what is good and what isn’t and again as with grass how mature or immature it is, age old trunks as big as your arm from the deep kelp forests off-shore are not going to be as nutritious and beneficial as wrack growing in the light and being grazed by young fish and small fry.

Of the hundreds of seaweeds around the world mankind has selected those that do him good in his locality and he can manage to harvest in one way or another. Often under strictly enforced quotas to maintain optimum regeneration the wracks are harvested more or less by hand and the kelps by under-surface mowers.

An extra food that will help keep us well as opposed to making us better when we are ill as medicines do is strangely a much less attractive proposition to the majority of us. Although logic tells us it should be the other way round, this may be because there is more immediate need involved in taking a medicine and we have no experience of eating something that can make such a difference and of course it is not immediate.

However taking Bladderwrack Capsules can prove to be very beneficial especially if your health and levels of energy are not so tip top. Take three everyday for at least a month or ideally for longer then try to try to assess how you are. Taking them regularly, what the experts call ‘good compliance’ can be difficult when there is so much to remember so try to find a time in your day when you are in automatic routine mode say with tea in the morning.

If you wish we can send you wrack capsules direct to save having to shop for them. Trinity Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosis) capsules are from cold, clean and isolated coastlines and fjords and are at the top end of the quality rating range. Do ask for more details anytime

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