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Keeping-it-simple Feed Programme

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Keeping-it-simple Feed Programme

This feed programme is designed to provide simple & sound nutrition without adding toxic burden to the equine body and in-turn helping to keep digestion, assimilation, circulation & elimination in balance.

The accent is more on absorption and utilisation of the nutrients which are already being fed naturally in the forage as opposed to just contributing more and more industrial nutrients and by-products.

An outline feed programme would be as follows:

Feed the best forage (hay or haylage) when not grazing. Do not stint on quality because the roughage contributes nearly all the nutrients needed.

Ensure a suitable chop to bulk out the bucket feed and act as a medium is fed – precise nutrient specification in not important, a little dehydrated grass adds variety or if there is a sensitivity to Alfalfa and/or some Beet Pulp if favoured.

EquiNourish contributes an amazing array of natural & organic nutrients, vitamins and minerals without upsetting the temperament or metabolism of the horse. Feed at 50/60ml per day for maintenance and 100ml/day for a recovery situation and add to the bucket feed.

To horses in work, feed on average about a kilogram of good bushel weight oats which are freshly crushed/rolled, so split this to about half a standard scoop twice per day. If a good sample is not available then feed roughly the same amount of Flaked Maize (a clean sample of Flaked Maize is often easier to come by) failing that settle for some cooked barley. If including the base level of cereal for the first time then feed a double handful of Jumbo Porridge Oats twice a day for the first 10 days and then slowly replace with the cereal.

Sprinkle some Western Salts on the bucket feed and stir in or feed Electros in the two feeds following heavy sweating.

There may be special requirements due to the nature of the individual horse or circumstances the most common of which may be:

For nervy or sensitive horses add some extra Magfluid or Maglyte or if the roughage is unavoidably average too then add Hydrobase.

For regaining condition or when in training feed a couple of mugfuls or more of Goldenmeal.

For rigorous training and competing feed two teaspoonfuls of TPGS-5 and Hydrobase.

For older horses that are a little arthritic then consider adding Belgium Formula, QC50 or Stride B.

All can be added on an individual basis with the regular ration.

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