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Horse Health

Kidney Function

By 19/01/2017April 13th, 2017No Comments

It’s interesting that horse people in different countries have different priorities when it comes to their horses not being quite right, if you are Swedish you are more than likely to think of kidney function first. Few nations in the world have more horses per population than Sweden and no one can fault the care they bestow on neither their horses nor the level of research they put in. They are particularly aware of how pollutants, insecticides and toxic substance from moulds and yeasts can alter the horse’s immune system and then affect kidney function lowering resistance which results in a longer time toxins are awaiting elimination which can lead to proteins starting to escape the body causing pressure that  push upwards along the spine to press on superficial nerves causing back discomfort other than that caused by pinched nerve. The Swedish horsemen and women may be right in prioritising renal function and that may be another reason why L94 works so well because it supports the kidneys as well as the liver and why K63 is so successful in helping as an adjunct to horses being treated with diagnosed kidney infections and stones etc as it is simply made up of L94 with the addition of two famous kidney functionaries Galium which are Cleavers or Goose grass and Zea Mays which is Corn silk, the silky flower threads of the maize, both are excellent for kidney and bladder infection and both together are even better.

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