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Many horse owners ask whether they can feed L94

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Many horse owners ask whether they can feed L94 on a more or less permanent basis to horses with damaged livers and the answer is certainly yes.

Liver cells have the capacity to regenerate following may forms of illness but not cirrhosis which is technically scar tissue that permanently disrupts the liver’s structure resulting in loss of function. From time to time under certain circumstances healthy livers may temporarily fail to work properly and when this happens toxins are no longer filtered out efficiently and build up in the body as do the by-products of protein metabolism such as ammonia. On such occasions a 10 day course of L94 swiftly increases bile production, increases blood filtration and reasserts the elimination of waste metabolites back ahead of accumulation.

L94 is powerful but gentle and follows guidelines for the best liver tonics around the world for humans suffering from cirrhosis caused by infection and alcoholism where a small daily amount is taken every day on a more or less regular basis. Such guidelines dictate that should there be a lull in proceedings the activity of the formula ceases so no overstimulation occurs plus avoiding the inclusion of chemicals and plant extracts that can only be fed for short periods of time. This makes L94 ideal for horses affected by ragwort, other poisons and old age where their livers are to a greater or lesser degree impaired and only functioning on a reduced basis, which for a number of species specific reasons, is an even greater impediment to the horse than other mammals.

L94 is an excellent pick-me-up and can also be safely fed long term it is palatable and easy to feed and can be really relied upon to help.

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