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Mentax Full Strength helps break the stress cycle…

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Uncharacteristic behaviour in horses not only triggers upset to the metabolism but is a symptom of it and this is why there are so many different ways of approaching the problem and to resolve the problem or to at least improve things. The circle of ‘stress begetting stress begetting stress’ needs to be interceded, somehow we have to break in, it is hard finding the beginning of the Selotape when someone has sealed it down, its doubly hard broaching the circle of stress because the beginning has often faded away.

Feeding extra Magnesium (especially in the form of MAGFLUID) can be a way of breaking in, this is because under stress the body looses more magnesium and magnesium has a host of duties in helping to maintain nervine function however it does not do this on its own. Magnesium is a vital servant within the system it is an essential go between especially when it comes to mineral balance so if insufficiency can well be a contributor to the circle one bad behaviour starting in some way and so could be a way of straightening things out but if now sufficient then alas problems secondary to a magnesium deficiency are now in place and more will be of no avail.

Much the same can be said of other vital nutrients being responsible for the onset of changes in behaviour, the amino acid Tryptophan is directly responsible for Serotonin production that influences mood swings and depending on diet, liver synthesis and degrees of anticipation if insufficient it can, like magnesium, trigger problems but as the problem of bad behaviour continues so the provisos increase so single application of nutrients become less of a solution.

Besides managemental and physical solutions, which are of course very consequential horse owners often try more than one dietary solution before approaching Trinity Consultants so working on the basis that if they have got as far as Trinity, so to speak, they have, as is often quoted, tried “everything” then the option left to break the cycle is to do what they will not have done which is try “everything” all at the same time and feed MENTAX FULL STRENGTH for a period of time.

Of course they will not have really tried everything and Mentax Full Strength is not everything but it is a convenient way of calling a halt to overdriven reflexes giving a settling down period enough to give the brain some respite as if to say “look the original problems are gone now there is now no actual need to be carrying on this way”.


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