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Metabolism is Key

By 15/11/2016April 13th, 2017No Comments

Metabolism is the way the body works, all the good feed in the world is of little advantage if the body is less than capable of doing something with it. This action is collectively referred to as the metabolism and concerns the chemical changes and physical processes whereby A) Energy is created for the body’s vital activities and B) Old cells are replaced by new ones.  The metabolism is dependent upon a chemical interaction promoted by enzymes which are substances produced in the body acting as a catalyst to trigger chemical change in another. Complex substances are thereby broken down into simple compounds to facilitate assimilation and absorption as in the digestive juices. A wide range of illnesses may follow metabolic disturbance from debility to hyperactivity and low immune status, besides efforts to directly help such illnesses and disabilities attention to the liver, digestive organs and endocrine glands in the form of a constant metabolic support can be very helpful. CHOLEX our new purpose-formulated feeding oil provides such support. It is a non-drug multi-facet feeding oil that supports horses and ponies when their metabolism is less than optimum as those are that are confirmed as suffering from EMS and Cushing’s disease.  A little high grade oil included in the diet of such horses is a particularly good practice to pursue as it provides a ‘quiet energy’ source often needed in the absence of dietary carbohydrates, added to this Cholex provides extra Choline in a very acceptable form and helps metabolically compromised horses and ponies overcome their difficulties in absorbing Tocopherols (Vitamin E), the first essential antioxidants. Both these important additions within the formula also help to address hyperglycaemic disorders few horses and ponies with EMS are without.

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