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New Arthritis formula proving very exciting!

By 17/10/2014April 13th, 2017No Comments

From mid September Trinity will be able to send out a further Arthritis formula that has proved real value for money. It translates as ‘Four Square formula, QUARTE CARRÉ CONTRE ARTHRITE and is a less expensive version of the high Curcumin formula STRIDE 83 which we have been making for some time on a limited basis with excellent results.

To start with we will only be able to supply enough for 50 horses a month but we hope that by next year we may be able to supply more. The Positive feedrate is approximately 50g per horse per day which equates to a 1.5Kg bucket a month, with a maintenance feedrate of 1.5 Kg every two months.

Cost will depend on whereabouts you are in Europe but it looks like being about £65 for the 1.5Kg which judging by the quality is definitely worth paying for, its MSM & Glucosamine content outstrips proprietary Arthritis formulae currently available.

Experience and research into the versatility and benefits of MSM indicated that more is better so this further addition to our formulae for Arthritis in Equines has a 24:8 g/day ratio of MSM:Glucosamine as opposed to the usual 16:8 g/day ratio plus a number of high purity anti-oxidants and ingredients to help tackle the problem.

For ease of ordering the formula will be simply called QC50 in the UK. It is in powder form, mixed in with the regular bucket feed and is not unpalatable. QC50 promises to further help horses that are becoming stiff and short gaited due to arthritic changes occurring.

What we must avoid is Clients horses starting on QC50 and then due to supply problems not being able to continue so a cancel-anytime booking system will be an option. There will be a data sheet available, one thing though, avoid contact with bare hands it may stain your fingers yellow so try to avoid handling just before the Hunt Ball!

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