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New ‘t’mins. Natural Minerals For Horses

By 15/09/2015May 8th, 2020No Comments

If you are in two minds about worming a horse or pony that you know will get upset by the process but you need to do something then it may well be worthwhile including a few spoonfuls of ‘T’ MINERALS  (Minéraux  naturels  pour chevaux) in each feed.

The broad spectrum of minerals will be very satisfactory for such horses, excellent for horses with some metabolic problems because, amongst  a host of other benefits, ‘T’MINS  contain a good level of chromium at the correct valency.  Feeding ‘T’ MINS will reduce any worm burden without side effects and, although not as instant as chemical worming,  horses seem to take on an extra degree of health very quickly. This may be due to their excellent digestibility ‘T’ MINS are very good for acidosis and horses and ponies prone to ulcers.

‘T’MINS now have all necessary Food Standard Agency & EU approval for feeding and once we can make sure of regular supplies they will go on-line on the Trinity Web Site, however, for the moment so as not to lose any opportunities for some horses , we can send a few of the 3 Kg packs out if you contact the office. The 3 KG pack will last one typical horse for about 30 days. The cost looks as if it will be about £36 slightly less per KG the more packs ordered.

‘T’MINS are very palatable, taste them, it is always a good thing to know what you are offering.

Si elle n’est pas naturelle, elle n’nest pas ‘T’MINS – If they are not organic they are not ‘T’MINS 




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