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Peptonil and various services from Trinity Consultants

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An all-natural , non-drug ulcer formula, which continues to win approval from horse owners and trainers.

The Peptonil formula is soothing & healing , and is salutary in hyperacidity as well as in general stomach upsets.

Horses plagued by ulcers and gastrointestinal problems can take on a new lease of life in a matter of days following the feeding of PEPTONIL , which only serves to show how some horses and ponies can get really  down and depressed due to problems of the alimentary canal.

PEPTONIL, which is a six powder formula, including Turbinella pyrum (sacred conch shells that are steamed in lemon juice for twelve hours, then washed well in hot water and then heated twice over to a very high temperature), that not only neutralises excessive stomach acid but also controls acid secretion, enhances digestion of the total diet and actively speeds up the healing process.

Trinity Consultants, as formulators , make Peptonil available down to 500g quantities for trial purposes – this gentle but effective formula is worth trying if you suspect ulcers, if you notice a change in a day or so continue with PEPTONIL or consult your Vet on the best way forward.

We are trialling a new idea of providing minerals, vitamins, amino acids and if necessary enzyme cover to balance insufficiencies in the forage part of a horses diet whilst gently worming at the same time with no side effects, so if you have got to do something about a horse or pony which you know is upset by chemical wormers and have found herbal wormers not quite up to their advertising if may be worthwhile trying all natural ‘T’ MINS. They come in a 5 Kg box which lasts the typical horse for about 80 days and costs around £49.00 gross. We recommend carrying out a worm count before you start and then subsequently monitoring progress. We can help with this facility but you may want to use an independent service.

Hay will be altogether better this year and we will at last be able to finish with the dreadful forage of 2012. More has been made across the country and indications are that there should be no increase in price. Good roughage is the basis of good health in horses and there is no substitute for it. Harvest promises to be better too – in both quality and quantity,  whether this will result in any price reductions will however depend on world output and not just that of the UK.  We can help with both feed and mineral analysis of forage or help sort out ingratiation analyses carried for you by various feed companies.

Several Trinity Clients will be familiar with our BESPOKE BACK-UP (BB) formulae made for particular horses. These are small quantity formulae for when there is a need to make specific additions to the diet or established feeding regime. They are almost invariably in a palatable powder form.  Examples of BB FORMULAE made this last week have been a formula containing extra Lysine, other amino acids and extra Vitamin C for an outbreak of ringworm in a top sports horse yard brought in by a visiting mare.

Another similar BESPOKE BACK-UP (BB) , involved a High Lysine formula for a mare with a sudden sarcoid outbreak and a chromium & chelated zinc formula requested by a Veterinary practise for a pony with glucose intolerance.

We try to work on a 48 Hour service on receipt of a requirement from a horse owner,  or their advisor.  We calculate and get back to them by email with regards to the details and cost etc , then when we have the say-so formulate we send for next day delivery along with instructions and a (BB) label for the individual horse or horses.  Each BB formula has a code number and no extra charge is made for the service.


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