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Re-habbing ex-racehorse’s feet BAREFOOT – Part 2

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I find myself and Pole Star 4 weeks on after his shoes were removed and he went bare-foot…

The weather has really been on our side in sunny Jersey which has made things a lot easier, it has meant I’ve been able to progress from hand walking to leaving him out in his boots and pads during the day as the ground is firm. This increases the pressure in his feet and gives a good even contact which promotes growth of the soft structures, lateral cartillages, frogs etc.

He is of course as a major part of the re-hab getting Tenderfoot 80 twice per day to ensure that the nutritional angle is thouroughly covered. There is very good even growth and what is there is hard and flexible. Feeding the EquiNourish plays a huge part in the re-hab too, ok I’m cracking a walnut with a hammer by using both formulations but they are different formulations nethertheless… I haven’t needed to repeat the L94 since starting, he’s had no pulses or shown any signs of LGL.

I have noticed a huge difference in the structures of his feet. His frogs have widened, especially behind, and the bars all around are straightening up infront of my very eyes! He also is beginning to stride out his pokey jarred action is improving. There’s not a trace of LGL or vasculitis. And there appears to be more concavity too.

The soft heel structures appear upon palpation to be firmer and the clefts of his frogs aren’t running right around in to the heels… Apart from the odd bit of old wall which has naturally sloughed off there are no other un-toward observations. He has had no pulses, no lameness and over the stones in the yard he’s less picky day by day. I could even go so far to say that some days he doesn’t notice the stones.

We’ve had a couple of rides on the roads and i’ve not noticed a change in his walls, they seem to be strong and holding up.

He does make me laugh when he takes himself for a gallop in his trainers! Certainly doesn’t slow him down, in fact he’s probably faster than when he was in training as he doesn’t have LGL and sore feet, but the slop slop noise is amusing!

He has his appointment with his EP Debbie next week, I hope she’s going to be happy with his progress. We both certainly are. Keep you posted, Philly and Pole Star.

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