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Reasons for that potassium boost

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H29 “Recharges” and is fed following an upset or to nullify the effects of day to day stresses especially if a horse is in work or following a period  of stress . If the horse is active there is always a succession of little traumas occurring.  H29 stops the accumulating effect of such traumas from becoming a further problem leading to cellular imbalance, aggravated muscle and nerve endings and finally exertional rhabdomyolysis (PKD) due to leaky cells.

Does your Horse or Pony need the extra boost of potassium and vitamin E in H29??

Are any of the 18 points below relevant to your Horse or Pony?


  1. Not content at rest or when ridden or driven, so not obliging.
  2. Discomfort on girthing up and sensitive to touch on various parts of the body.
  3. Skin unduly itchy though free from external aggravation.
  4. One or more joints stiffening, almost as if arthritis has set in.
  5. Abrasions, harness burns, cuts and bruises healing slowly.
  6. Eyes weeping more than usual.
  7. Will not stand still anymore.
  8. Condition lacking regardless of ample feeding and levels of protein.
  9. Muscles are quite hard and not ample or fluid.
  10. Cramp (tying up) and sudden stiffness, shortness of gait.
  11. Lethargic, everything seems an effort.
  12. Lack of stamina even though flighty and not content.
  13. Marks, callouses and corns appear with the slightest wear and tear.
  14. Bouts of wariness and uncertainty in familiar places, not so confident.
  15. Reduced enthusiasm and vigour, no longer so interested.
  16. Slow to recover from any physical or mental setback.
  17. Spooky despite feeding extra magnesium and other measures.
  18. Feed for four days before travelling – during transportation. Whilst away from home stables continue to feed everyday with the regular feed. Feed to new arrivals to the yard for a period of 10 days.

H29 is a white emulsion not unpalatable to Horses and Ponies. It is usually fed twice per day at 25 ml per feed.

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