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Speeding Up The Healing Process

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A damaged ligament of any sort is particularly distressing and frustrating and takes time to get right with the horse or pony out of work and competition for some time. Feeding Tendonite as an extra to a well-balanced diet will help reduce that time with advantages being seen when fed to horses and ponies returning to performance and competition, after recovery, or as a precaution. Just as a human fingernail can portray discolouration and weakness from a sudden shock to the system from infection that lowers white blood cells, so joints, tendons and ligaments can be weakened without any real outward and visible signs until the horse goes lame. Tendonite can be relied on to promote tendon healing and as an extra precaution for those animals that have recovered before from a torn ligament and are back again competing in some capacity. The benefit of Tendonite is that it helps rapid healing of connective tissue by acceleration of mitosis (cell-division) and is vulnerary which results in improved sinew strength, elasticity and bone density and a consistent level of general well-being in horses. Can be fed under rules.

Tendonite contains a source of readily available silicon, although only a small amount of Silicon is ever utilised by the body and silica acid is readily absorbed into the bloodstream there is a good augment for feeding organic complexes, as in Fucus versiculosus and Kieselgur, as they possess a higher bio activity than regular prescriptive met silicates as they are able to attach to a greater variety of substances around the cells during bone growth, wound healing and similar and no enhancers of silicon availability are known.  Another reason for timely supplementation is that when tissues are injured various types of tissue have a “Pecking Order” for obtaining silicon for repair. If Bone, Cartilage, Collagen and Glucosamine Glycans are all involved in the injury bone repair has precedence over the other tissues significantly retarding their growth.  .

The addition of Glycine in Tendonite supports and helps make good certain underlying conditions that effects collagen restoration and the process of wound repair after injury.  Collagen is a unique protein being  made up of remarkably high levels of Glycine.

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