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The best ginger for equine digestion…

By 31/10/2014April 13th, 2017No Comments

G59 Digéstif is a favourite for horses predisposed to Tympany, digestive upsets and Colic.

It has not altered much from the army formula listed in ‘Animal Management’ prepared in the Veterinary Department of the War Office and also referred to by Primrose in the Agricultural Notebook 1904 with an integral ingredient being Ginger but not just any old Ginger, it has to be good quality and that means paying a fair price.

As in everything to do with feeding especially these days anything that is cheap is most likely to be poor and in the world of Ginger there is absolutely no exception, if it is cheap it is rubbish. On the other hand if it’s dear that may not be what you want, nothing is straight forward so we have been pleased to come across a really good preparation of Gan Jiang Ginger that really suits what we want.

The company that can supply it has taken a long time to get it right and the process used to produce takes extra time also but it is ginger to die for, the smell alone reeks quality, it has an aroma you really don’t encounter these days. We will also be using it in respiration formulae like Z70 and in a number of other blends.

Sorry to be so excited, it must sound sad but finding the right quantity is important especially as Ginger (Zingiber officinalis) has as a high U-Factor, this is a way of expressing the ubiquitous benefits of a plant within 12 ailment categories (as set out by the distinguished herbalist Helen Ody) Ginger is in no less than 5, few herbs are above that. In G59, Ginger helps to increase saliva, not a strong point in the horse and amylase production thus helping to break down starches before they become troublesome in the after parts of the gut, it activates peristalsis and increases the tonus of the intestinal muscles.

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