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The first consideration of feeding is Digestion…

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One early spring day standing in the lane that goes down the hill to the picturesque harbour of Rozel in Trinity a Canadian horticulturalist and researcher stood wondering why the soil being cultivated on the Cotees did not wash down into the road when it rained as the incline was so steep that the men and machines planting potatoes had to be lowered down from the top. The previous year 1955 had been exceptionally dry and the Island had baked for months in the sun so much so that only certain fields in Jersey had been able to provide a second cut of hay, it was this phenomenon that Constance Macfarlane had been studying and had recorded that the productive fields were exclusively those that had previously been fertilised with seaweed. Could the application of seaweed to the Cotees also be the reason why the soil stayed in place?

We now know so much more, the reasons for this phenomena applies equally to the intestines of our horses fed on EQUINOURISH, because of its processed algae content it significantly increases the integrity of gut mucosa, helps prevent ‘Leaky Gut’ and with other ingredients EQUINOURISH maintains a very good digestion devoid of ulcers. The first consideration of feeding is Digestion from which everything then flows. If the door is not open, the best and most plentiful nutrition is of little use. Improving and maintaining a healthy gut has the most profound effect on general health and well being of the horse another reason why it’s not difficult to pick out those horses now being fed on this unique multi-purpose feed balancer.

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