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Horse Health

The First One

By 16/09/2014April 13th, 2017No Comments

This is the first blog for our new website! I can’t even begin to tell you how long it’s taken to get to this point with the website or even how good it feels to be able to now be working on it!

Our aim as nutritional consultants and bespoke feed formulators is to offer solutions to everyday problems which beset horses and ponies, bringing our services and thoughts to you, our clients, in a presentable non-jargon filled way has been a challenge but I hope we have struck the right balance?!

Today sees me starting the second week of putting my horse, Pole Star, through re-hab… feet re-hab. So I will keep you all posted on his progress, the boots and pads have stayed on and we’ve lost a bit of wall but so far so good… I will post his updates and fill you all in on how and why we are where we are!

Wishing you a great day, Philly

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