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The Horse. Evolution V’s Entropy

By 11/11/2014April 13th, 2017No Comments

As we live so too do we die. The process of entropy and evolution continues to ensure balance and harmony and this is the case with all living cells which succumb to both natural processes as we age.

When we are thinking about our horses and their aging process as time goes by it can be hard to spot the subtle degradation on a daily basis. Come the end of this year your horse will have lost and renewed 98% of the cells in his body. The reason for this is because with the same measures what succumbs to entropy is also created by the body anew, which is comforting knowledge! So ensuring that regeneration happens at maximum output is all important.

Keeping regeneration processes in balance without the blight of illness, disease and injury can be a challenge but being as all cells have the intelligence to renew, keeping entropy and aging at a less aggressive level can be possible with the right circumstances.

A horse can not think himself young, much in the way that we can’t although a happy outlook on life and a good coping mechanism to stress can slow the aging process or sometimes halt it for a period. Nor too can he wish away grey hair or a sway back but what he can have is a balance of moderation (diet), regularity (routine), rest and activity.

As the providers of daily routine and judicious management striking this balance becomes our responsibility and so what can we do? Well we do as we would for ourselves, we make sure our horses have the opportunity to renew & repair. For the greater part, daily routines, dietary management, exercise and rest provide the horse with a strong foundation, but when more help is needed supplementation becomes an integral necessity.

Detoxification of free radicals (the waste products of the metabolism) plays an important role when minimising aging. We are only too aware of the endless adverts played out on TV which promise to reverse the signs of aging by using a vitamin cream to tackle free-radicals.

In our horses Vitamin E plays a significant role in moping up and protecting against free-radicals. Vitamin E is often referred to as a master anti-oxidant. It is intimately associated with the membrane of all cells and protects them from free radical attack. Free radicals are formed due to oxidative stress and if left unchecked are responsible for cell membrane damage leading to cell leakage. The use of Vitamin E in the horse to strengthen cell membranes and scavenge on free-radicals is widely advocated but the key to success is not the amount fed, but the quality & availability to the body. Here at Trinity we use natural water soluble Vitamin E called TPGS-5, fed at just 2 teaspoons per day.

Every cell in the body produces enzymes to neutralise and detoxify free radicals but when cells get weak, leaky and worn down through the rigours of life, help is needed.

When we consider detoxification & elimination of waste products caused by living in its own entirety, our formulation L94 has a most important part to play. L94 cleans and clears toxins from the liver, pancreas, spleen and kidneys, increasing Tocopherol (Vitamin E) absorption, whilst helping digestive function and healing tissue and membrane. With the power to renew cells, L94 can regenerate cellular function and help sustain the intelligence of creation which all cells possess.

We are not just a mindless machine but a wholly connected intelligent system which is un-consciously and consciously updating, repairing, aging, renewing and breaking down and our horses and ponies are no different in these complex biological processes.

Therefore in quantum terms whatever promotes orderliness is beneficial in opposing entropy, so our efforts need to be directed distinctly to preserving orderliness in every aspect commencing at a cellular levels.

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